Tiny homes carnival 2020
Sydney Edition


7th & 8th March, 2020
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"How Tiny House Living Will Benefit the Entire Community"

by Kim Connolly, ATHA President and Ric Butler, ATHA Vice President,  Events and Sponsorship.

"The Tiny House Movement–
a Fad or a Fact" 

by Kim Connolly, ATHA President and Ric Butler, ATHA Vice President,  Events and Sponsorship.

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Kim Connolly and Ric Butler

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Kim Connolly and Ric Butler.
"Essential Consumer Information - Trailers"

by Fred Schultz


Essential Consumer Information - Off-Grid Tiny Houses

by Fred Schultz

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Fred Schultz

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Fred Schultz
An Urban Tiny and the Community Behind It

by Elle Paton

"Building for an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Sustainable World"

by Chris Wenban from Narara Ecovillage

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Elle Paton

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Chris Wenban
All things Big Tiny

by Taylan Atar from Tiny Away

Can I Legally Put My Tiny House?

by Rikki and Valerie from esc consulting

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Taylan Atar

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Rikki and Valerie
Music Band Performance

by Josh Paul

Music Band Performance

by Parkville

Tiny Tents Talk opportunity with Mel Sparkles
Special appearance by popular "Tiny House Nation"

Hosts: John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin

"Living Big in a Tiny House"

by Bryce Langston

Music Band Performance

by Eastbound Buzz

Music Band Performance

by Eastbound Buzz

"Meet and Greet"
with popular
"Tiny House Nation"

Hosts: John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin

"Meet and Greet" with

Bryce Langston

Music Band Performance

by Leonie Kingdom

Music Band Performance

by Leonie Kingdom



With more then 15 years of live television experience and 7 regional Emmy Awards to his name, John Weisbarth brings his high energy and award winning style to every project he touches. Quick witted and affable, he’s not afraid to laugh at himself, and John’s ability to connect with people is one of his greatest assets. As host of Tiny House Nation on A&E’s FYI Network, John shows off his versatility by helping families prepare for the extreme downsizing it takes to live in less then 500 sq ft.

In his Emmy Award winning golf reality show, Playing Through with John Weisbarth, John gets to show off his love of golf while treating a lucky “weekend warrior” to the round of his life. Beautiful courses, incredible prizes and some of the wildest games you’ve ever seen on the links…all punctuated by the easy smiles and unique entertainment we have come to expect from John.

As host and co-creator of the web-series “Quick Fix”, John shows off his versatility by helping homeowners “take back their home” with simple weekend handyman projects. In his Emmy nominated segment “Anything You Can Do”, he teams up with athletes of all shapes and sizes to learn first hand the ins and outs of their particular craft.Whether it’s ice skating with Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen, skippering Dennis Connor’s “Stars and Stripes” across San Diego Bay, or fixing a leaking toilet…John is right at home.


Zack Giffin is a professional skier and contractor who is co-host of Tiny House Nation. He has so much love for tiny homes that he built a mobile tiny ski house for himself and has lived in it full-time for years. Each winter Zack moves his tiny home to powdery slopes across the country. He has traveled more than 20 thousand miles with his tiny home and has introduced thousands of people along the way to the wonders of this lifestyle.


He is a wealth of information about living tiny and brings his insight and expertise in carpentry to each build. Zack manages each project and build crew and his innovative tricks of the tiny trade always wow. For each home Zack designs a special build project that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs, and his creations are not only super space saving inventions, they’re works of art too.


Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker, author and environmentalist who has spent the past six years travelling the globe exploring the tiny house movement as the creator and host of the popular web series, Living Big in a Tiny House. He became passionate about tiny house living while working as an actor in New Zealand and searching for ways to break free from Auckland’s incredibly expensive housing market. In 2018 he published a book on tiny house living relating to the YouTube show.


Even before becoming the president of the Australian Tiny House Association, Kim Connolly worked to legitimise Tiny House living through her contact with local councils, her proactive work in Affordable Housing groups, communication with governmental entities and spotlighting Tiny Houses as an affordable answer in the media.

Kim is the director of Tiny Habitat Homes, which specialises in housing older, single women who are at risk of homelessness despite having worked all their lives. In ATHA, Kim’s focus is on moving the sector forward so that Tiny Homes will be recognised by state and federal governments as an immediate solution for some of our current housing stresses.


Ric Butler was born in 1948 in Gladysdale Victoria. Ric studied interior design and then worked in the office furniture industry.

In 1989 Ric started his own business in the office fit-out stationary and office machine market. He was a founding director of a national dealer-owned franchise group Office National.

After selling his business in 2012 he became involved at Ecoss - a not-for-profit environmental park designed to educate people in living a more sustainable life.


In 2017 Ric started manufacturing tiny houses at Ecoss with the aim of promoting alternative living solutions, particularly in the social housing market with solutions for homeless and emergency situations.

Ric believes as an industry we have enormous opportunities to provide exciting alternative solutions to many of our emerging housing crises.


Founder of the Australian Tiny House Directory, Co-Founder of and sits on the Board of the Tiny Non-Profit, heads up the Australian Tiny Houses Facebook Community and part of the team that helped to kick off the Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA), it’s fair to say that Elle Paton is pretty passionate about tiny homes and all that they stand for.

Elle is currently (& happily) heading up the first Australian Tiny House Jamboree in Victoria and building a working demonstration model to show that tiny houses on wheels can not only be a viable form of housing, but they can be homes where people can truly thrive.


Chris is a Tiny House dweller, co-founder of Tiny Footprint a tiny house building company and one of the founders of the Australian Tiny House Association. She now lives at Narara Ecovillage near Gosford and is studying Environmental Management and Sustainability.


Tiny Away takes the movement one step further by placing its beautifully designed, handcrafted compact homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings. The intent – to amplify the benefits of the “tiny house” movement by pairing the advantages of a thoughtfully efficient abode with the recharging potential of an intimate connection with Mother Nature. Discover Nature. Stay in Comfort.


Rikki and Valerie are passionate Tiny House advocates. In 2016 they led a successful appeal to enable a Tiny House on Wheels to remain in place in a Brisbane inner-city suburb.

Since then, they have collaboratively developed the Tiny House Planning Resource and Tiny House Planning Tree, aids for Local and State planning regulators and the broader community to explore potential solutions to housing affordability and density that might be delivered through a range of different scenarios.

They work with not-for-profit organisations and community groups, private landholders and academic partners to explore compact housing models that are flexible, affordable, connective and sustainable.


Fred Schultz is a thought leader, innovator, pioneer and advocate in Australia's Tiny House Movement.

He designed, built and lived in his own off-grid (fossil-fuel free) tiny house with his family and in doing so, innovated the Unified Construction Method® to make tiny houses safe to tow as well as being comfortable all year round.

Fred educates DIY builders and professionals alike on how to build safe tiny house vehicles through his online courses and face-to-face workshops. ​

Always encouraging people to think for themselves and make informed decisions, he loves seeing designs evolve as people come up with ever-more elegant solutions.

Fred is always up for a chat about tiny houses and the philosophies that underpin them.

You can find him in Castlemaine playing with his kids in the park or beavering away in his tiny house office.



Sydney singer, songwriter & musician Josh Paul’s sonic distillery has been years and miles in the making, a far-flung odyssey spanning from small-town New South Wales to Austin and the high definition city lights of New York City and Los Angeles. It’s given rise to a sound that seamlessly blends the golden tones of country, homespun pop and widescreen rock and roll.

His brand of music takes the physical character of places from his travels and transporting them into unique sounds. Coupled with his deft musicianship, his knack for experimentation takes songwriting and music to a place where pop and rock intersect in the most unconventional way while paving the way for all things new delivering immaculate hooks and effervescent, pop-drenched lyrics.


Eastbound Buzz burst onto the scene in 2019 with the release of their debut EP Opportunity Shop, receiving national airplay and garnering significant attention. Centred around lead single ‘Looking for Trouble’, described as ‘a spectacular alt-country, road trip, tear-jerker’ (Nkechi Anele, Triple J), the EP introduced audiences to the Melbourne four-piece’s distinctive brand of Americana-tinged alt-rock.

Six months down the track, Eastbound Buzz have returned with a brand new single and an exciting evolution of the sound presented on Opportunity Shop.

‘Lost in the Shuffle’ marries the earthy Americana feel of the EP with synthpop and disco elements drawn from 80’s new wave and mid-2000s indie rock. Recorded at Love Shack Studios and mixed by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), the track’s verses bring frontman Jarryn Phegan’s emotive lyricism to the forefront, before exploding into an urgent and pulsating chorus.

While undeniably contagious on record, ‘Lost in the Shuffle’ truly comes to life in a live setting. And with a run of shows and festival slots lined up for the end of 2019, Eastbound Buzz are excited to share the new single with audiences far and wide.


Leonie Kingdom is an emerging Indie-folk Artist from South East Queensland. She specialises in Acoustic Guitar, Singing, Song writing and Live Performance. Leonie’s Style could be described as Emotional, Dark, and even Haunting. Leonie has held herself as an artist and performed music for many years. Though it was the recent release of her first single ‘Night Terrors’ that hit number one on the Triple J unearthed charts and it’s feature in channel 9’s Doctor Doctor, season 3, episode 7, that gained her attention around the globe.

Leonie most recently released her latest song 'Rhubarb'. Rhubarb is often made to mature and forced to grow in dark places during off seasons. Rhubarb grows the darkest of places and this song is a metaphor that. Sometimes we do our best growing in the darkest places. Feeling as though you are physically exhausted, alone and lost doesn’t have to mean darkness, it can mean growth too.


Parkville are a chart-topping folk-pop trio from Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. Cutting their teeth busking on the streets of Melbourne, bandmates Liam, Michael and Dylan soon developed a winning formula: a driving Mumford & Sons-style backbone featuring rich three-part vocal harmonies and soaring violin riffs, taking influence from The Beach Boys and Punch Brothers.

The band’s unique blend of contemporary folk and driving pop is hard to pin down, darting from fierce to theatrical to deeply evocative; the one constant in their music is their powerful and unconventional use of vocal harmony. Described by SYN Radio producer and Beat Magazine reviewer Paul Waxman as “always great at producing heartfelt, acoustic journeys,” the honesty in the band’s songwriting is clear from a single listen.