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Our aim for the Tiny Homes Carnival is to promote the tiny house movement in Australia as the community is ever expanding.
This Tiny Homes Carnival 2020 belongs to all tiny house enthusiasts from all walks of life in Australia.
In line with our motive of being true advocates of sustainable living and tiny houses, there will be no fees* charged for tiny house builders/owners to display their tiny houses.
Press and Media will be present to cover the
various designs of tiny houses Australia has to offer!
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Tiny House Displays

Build Tiny

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The tiny houses from Build Tiny are designed and built with a proprietary panel system (patent pending).  The tiny houses from Build Tiny can be flat packed and ship internationally. More importantly, it can easily be assembled with just two to three person with NO need for any lifting machines.

Build Tiny has pioneered the Tiny House RV industry, leading the field in innovation, design and quality. We strive towards building sustainable tiny houses with small spaces made liveable and beautiful. Every tiny house we build is built for you in mind.

Häuslein Tiny House Co

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The Häuslein Tiny House Co was founded in early 2018 by four friends with a shared passion to make a big impact in people's lives. The word ‘Häuslein’ is German for small cabin or little cottage. It’s a small dwelling with a big heart. It’s warm, the lights are on, you’re welcome here. We named our company Häuslein Tiny House Co because of our German heritage as well as our appreciation for German quality engineering which we seek to reflect in our tiny house builds.

Tiny Away

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Tiny Away takes the movement one step further by placing its beautifully designed, handcrafted compact homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings. The intent – to amplify the benefits of the “tiny house” movement by pairing the advantages of a thoughtfully efficient abode with the recharging potential of an intimate connection with Mother Nature. Discover Nature. Stay in Comfort.


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TinyPODS design and manufacture custom Tiny Houses to meet our clients individual needs and wants. After all one design rarely fits all. Our passion is sustainable architecture and construction which can be seen in every project we undertake. Being a family owned and operated business, when you work with TinyPODS you become a part of that family. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Tiny Habitat Homes

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Tiny Habitat Homes was founded to meet the overwhelming need for affordable housing, especially for older, single women. Kim Connolly and her team are working tirelessly to provide viable yet beautifully crafted housing and places to situate those houses. Tiny Habitat Homes works with the client from the design stage all the way to the sewer connection set up or off grid options to make their dream a reality.

DesignerEco Tiny Homes

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Designer Eco Tiny Homes is Australia's market leader in providing environmentally sustainable design and custom-made tiny homes. We specialise in tiny houses on wheels and create bespoke designs for almost every need. 


Building over 50 tiny homes per year, we have an established reputation for excellence and innovation for both off grid and residential tiny houses. This year we have developed a solar trailer to maximise the off grid experience. We look forward to meeting you at the Tiny Home Carnival!

Urban Caves

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In 2017, Guy Brown, with an HNC in Civil Engineering and a background in detailed design created Urban Caves and has manufactured and installed over 40 back yard cabins in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Now Urban Caves manufactures tiny homes on wheels using the patented Unified Construction Method (TM).

Excel Home

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Excel Home was founded in Sydney, with the pursuit of creating beautiful spaces that people can interact with. Formed by passionate builders who value design, quality, innovation and sustainability. Whether we're designing a back yard office or a secluded hideaway, our goal is to create aesthetically pleasing and liveable spaces. Behind every beautiful design is a great design. We design and manufacture builds for any kind of space specific to our client's needs and requirements.

Tiny Life Creations

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Tiny Life Creations is a small business that designs and builds small housing solutions for people seeking a new alternative to living. We fell in love with the concept of Tiny Homes and the minimalist lifestyle, and with a team of skilled staff, we started to build some. The business was founded by Matt Gunns who has an extensive career in design and wanted to channel his passion into something new. We found the Tiny house movement resonates so well with Aussies due to the current crisis with the cost of housing so we are delighted to be offering our services. We're based in the Central Coast of New South Wales but can deliver far and wide and we look forward to helping people concentrate on enjoying their life.

Glenn Cambage-Julatten Joinery - Art Wagons

Inspired by the work of the Arts and Crafts movement, my work concentrates on not only practical design layout but in achieving beautiful, artistic finishes to all aspects of the build.


As a Carpenter and Furniture Maker with over 25 years experience I am incorporating many sustainable and recycled materials into each build.


My Art Wagons can be used as complete dwellings, spare rooms, or holiday accommodation. All completely unique and able to be customised.

Havenwood Tiny Homes

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For almost 30 years, Rick Smith has been building high rise concrete urban blocks for developer clients. It’s been his bread and butter, after moving on from residential extensions and custom designed homes back in the 90’s. His bucket list has been ticked in all areas of construction, beginning with hammer and nail building small pergolas and verandahs, to overseeing the Jamberoo Action Park expansion project in 2016 under his company Talon Construction Group.

L&D Tiny Houses

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L & D tiny houses family owned and operated, new to the industry but over 25 years of building experience.


We pride our selves on customer satisfaction. Local Suppliers, Manufacturers and Australian made Products. So, if you are thinking of downsizing, off grid living OR getting back to nature, speak to us first. Sea and tree changes, try both with our tiny houses, the choice is yours!

* The actual number of tiny house displays and placements are subject to change.

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